Gerald M. Kline Innovation Space



Machines that can print heart valves and mammalian skeletons and even replicas of dinosaurs. Others that will produce engine pistons, prototypes of athletic shoes and tools of various sizes all using plastic composite and metal parts.

CSULB's GERALD M. KLINE INNOVATION SPACE is a high-tech area on the ground floor of the University Library, where students and faculty can create design pieces that were unimaginable a few years ago.

The I-Space, funded by a donation from the Kline Family Foundation and Student Excellence Fees, is an interdisciplinary design facility that features advanced machines and technology. It is designed to enhance students’ learning by improving their projects and increase their efficiency with the latest tools and technology.

Available technology includes 3D printers capable of processing information contained within digital design files to form, layer by layer, objects composed of plastics, carbon fiber and other materials.