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Some of our outstanding alumni include

Supreme Court justices:
Wiley B. Rutledge (Law’22) and Byron White (Econ’38)

Inventor of the laser:
Theodore Maiman (EngrPhys’49)

Creator of the first 3-D printed object:
Chuck Hull (EngrPhys’61)

Second American to orbit Earth:
M. Scott Carpenter (AeroEngr’62)

Inventor of the Post-It Note adhesive: Silver Spencer (ChemPhD’66)

Designer of the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas:
Jim Doyle (Thtr’78)

Co-founder of SoulCycle: Elizabeth Cutler (DistSt’89)

Creators of South Park: Trey Parker (A&S ex’93) and Matt Stone (Art, Math’93)

2005 Top Chef Winner: Hosea Rosenberg (EngrPhys’97)