Graduate School


Graduate School

The Graduate School serves as the intellectual crossroads of the university, where we educate the next generation of teachers, scholars and researchers, and develop the fields of knowledge and research where those leaders will pursue their work.

The Graduate School:
  • Provides vision and strategic planning for graduate education at CU Boulder
  • Advocates for the needs of graduate students and provides supplementary support for their academic and professional development
  • Builds community across graduate programs and disciplines
  • Establishes policies and standards that define good practices in all graduate programs
  • Guides the development and approval of new graduate degree and certificate programs
  • Works with the United Government of Graduate Students and other groups to enhance and promote the interests of all graduate students
  • Promotes CU Boulder graduate education and professional programs at local, state, national and international levels

Top graduate school rankings from U.S. News & World Report, 2020

Graduate School Stats
Graduate School Stats