An experience measured in tradition

Since 1863, rich traditions have been the foundation of any K-State experience. Students, faculty, friends and visitors enjoy being a piece of the K-State puzzle, regardless of how long they spend on campus.

Tradition starts the moment you walk into the Berney Family Welcome Center, pass the Higinbotham Gate or hear “Welcome to K-State” at an athletic event. You’ll quickly find that the K-State family is eager to embrace our history, while welcoming new traditions with open arms.

Tried and true

Wabash Cannonball

The rousing anthem became a Wildcat staple after a fire destroyed all other sheet music. Fans leap to their feet at the first booming notes to join in the fun.

Call Hall

This student-run dairy bar is K-State on a spoon. Enjoy a variety of campus-made ice creams, but save room for a scoop of our signature flavor, Purple Pride

Willie the Wildcat

Our fearless mascot is a constant presence across campus and at athletic games, electrifying K-Staters with his trademark K-S-U pose and enthusiasm.

K-State Proud

Students help students through this nationally recognized philanthropy, fully emulating the K-State family spirit. So far, they have raised more than $1 million!

Sights and sounds

You’ll find K-State traditions all around campus. Visit the beautiful Alumni Center to see the Wildcat statue (rub his nose for good luck!), hear the Anderson Hall bell mark each hour, or simply marvel at all of the students and staff who proudly wear their purple on and off campus seven days a week.