"No matter where you stand on PSU’s campus, you’re only a few footsteps away from some really excellent coffee."
By Samuel Dunlop, PSU’s Director of International Recruitment

Just like Portland’s shocking selection of artisan or sugar comainducing doughnuts, Portland State’s spot in downtown has no shortage of earthy brew.

Here are our favorite spots on campus to get your caffeine fix. From local roasters to national chains, you’re bound to find a roast that fits your flavor preferences.

Olé Latte Coffee is pure Portland: Exclusively long-haired hipster staff serving delicious, locally-roasted coffee out of a trailer under a parking lot.

Coava is Portland’s five-star coffee option. The setup is minimalist, they consistently offer quality espresso beverages that are worth the wait and the tiny cups. For pour over, drip or cold brew, Coava is for when you want to treat yourself.

At some point, almost every single human on campus will need to indulge on the caffeine-hum of a Starbucks iced-coffee. No doubt, it’s one of the most popular, accessible and quick places to get a cup

Since 1987, Park Avenue Cafe has been a popular spot for breakfast or brunch, grabbing a cup of Illy coffee, or to get into the zone as you cram for an exam

Caffe Umbria is one of the classiest spots to get an espresso near campus. The aesthetic: rustic and modern. The vibe: clean, classic and bright—like a Virginia Woolf novel. A great spot for a first-date.

If you want local, delicious and reliable, Water Avenue is your best bet. Be sure to stop by the location near Pioneer Square on SW 6th to buy a bag of the Blue Creek Blend. You’ll taste notes of hazelnut and chocolate in every cup.