The Hipster’s Guide

By Torin Braaten, PSU’s Orientation Coordinator


  • Plain white t-shirt, v-neck preferable, under an unbuttoned flannel shirt
  • Cut off jean shorts or tight ripped pants (cuffs folded up and ironed)
  • Lace-up leather work boots (never actually used for work), designer socks (not vintage!) or Chuck Taylors (no socks!).


  • Thick framed black or clear glasses (no prescription necessary)
  • High-top beanie or no hat with bedhead
  • Mustache
  • A fixed-gear bicycle (known as a “fixie”)
  • Fanny pack containing: a vintage/retro camera and your homemade Kombucha
  • A squid, crystal or hammerhead shark tattoo

8:00 AM

Wake up and take an e-scooter downtown to Barista on SW 3rd. Sip a shot of espresso while you journal for 45 minutes and settle into the day. Other options to get your caffeine fix:

  • Stumptown - SW Harvey Milk or SW 3rd
  • Coava - SW Jefferson
  • Case Study - SW 10th

9:00 AM

Complain about brunch lines and how you’ll never wait in line for brunch while you wait in line for brunch. Best places to wait in line for brunch:

  • Gravy - N Mississippi
  • Jam - SE Hawthorne
  • Screen Door - E Burnside
  • Stepping Stone Cafe - NW Quimby
  • Tasty & Alder - SW 12th
  • Tin Shed - NE Alberta

10:30 AM

Take BIKETOWN to Powell’s City of Books. Wander the stacks and buy a new journal. 

12:00 PM

Load up on affordable new-to-you clothes at Buffalo Exchange on W Burnside. Other hipster clothing stores to visit:

  • Crossroads Trading Company - NW 23rd
  • Red Light Clothing Exchange - SE Hawthorne

1:00 PM

Take the Streetcar to the trailhead in NW Portland. Hike the Lower Macleay Trail to Witch’s Castle. Follow the two-mile path along a stream. Take lots of photos and immediately post them to Instagram.

2:30 PM

Take the Streetcar downtown and transfer to the Max. Ride it to the Hollywood Theater for a matinee showing of an indie movie.

5:00 PM

Ride BIKETOWN to Irving Park. Lay out on a blanket and re-read what you wrote in your journal. Post a selfie to Instagram with a wise caption.

6:30 PM

Try to agree on a place for dinner with your roommates. It might not be possible to find a place that offers gluten free, vegan, organic, paleo and nut-free foods. Your group settles on The Sudra, a vegan restaurant known for its Indian-inspired menu. Other options include:

  • Farm Spirit - SE Belmont
  • Paradox Cafe - SE Belmont
  • Papa G’s Vegan Organic Deli - SE Division
  • Sweet Hereafter - SE Belmont
  • Prasad - NW Davis

8:00 PM

Get your vegan dessert to end the night at Petunia’s Pies & Pastries. Or try:

  • Salt & Straw - NW 23rd
  • Back to Eden - NE Alberta
  • Sweetpea Baking Company - SE Stark
  • Memoz Dessert Cafe - N Williams