Honors College

Honors College

The Uncommon Honors College at Rutgers University–New Brunswick

At the Honors College, we’re redefi ning honors education by inviting students from across the university to live and work together to tackle global issues and transform ideas into action. Among the highest achievers, our students explore their intellectual curiosity, gain hands-on knowledge, collaborate, and serve communities locally and abroad.

Through our interdisciplinary approach, you’ll learn to:

  • Ask the questions that will help solve tomorrow’s problems
  • Be flexible enough to adapt to what’s next
  • Use your imagination and knowledge to make the world a better place

Diversity and Excellence

The Honors College community reflects the ethnic, socioeconomic, gender, and academic diversity of Rutgers– New Brunswick, the Big Ten Conference’s most diverse university.

Small Community, Vast Resources

With 500 fi rst-year students living in the Honors College, you’ll experience a small college setting coupled with Rutgers’ vast resources. From the very beginning you’ll be exposed to opportunities for research, internships, global experiences, innovation, entrepreneurship, and more. You’ll have access to a broad network of support, including live-in faculty, on-site academic advisers, and mentors.

We Ask More

We commit to a learning experience ignited by the exchange of ideas. We engage each other through the shared interests of a community focused on ideas and plans to address global challenges. The goal? A career with purpose.

■ Average SAT approximately 430 points above the national average, one aspect of our holistic review

■ 90% of our students were in the top 10% of their high school graduating classes

■ At the heart of Rutgers’ historic College Avenue campus

■ For Honors College consideration, apply to Rutgers–New Brunswick by December 1 at admissions.rutgers.edu

Curiosity. Knowledge. Purpose.