A Space for Success

The Writing Center is one of many wonderful resources for students to use as they pursue their degree, said writing tutor and University of Idaho student Megan Lolley.

Lolley, who is planning on becoming a teacher after graduation, joined the Writing Center during the fall semester of 2020 with the hope of providing students the academic help they need to be successful.

"I thought it was really important to have teachers, resources and experiences available to support me in all my endeavors," Lolley said. "I want to be that kind of teacher."

Lolley hopes that students who may be intimidated by the idea of being tutored take advantage of this resource on campus.

“We’re there to support you,” Lolley said. “Whether that means reinforcing your ideas or your writing style or giving you new ideas or new resources.”

Students across campus—from freshmen to doctoral students—can benefit from visiting the Writing Center. “We can tailor it to what every student needs, as long as it deals with some aspect of the writing process,” Lolley said.

The Writing Center gives students tools to be succeed. In addition to one-on-one tutoring, it also holds workshops, group writing events and provides online resources for students at any stage in the writing process.


To learn more about the Writing Center’s resources and tutor availability, visit Room 323, ISUB, call 208-885-6644, or email