Treading beyond the threshold is not unusual for College of Education, Health and Human Sciences (EHHS) assistant professor Ann Brown, Ph.D. A motivated educator and an advocate for students, Brown opened the door to advanced nutritional education and resources for University of Idaho student-athletes.

Passionate about sports performance and nutrition, Brown saw a fundamental deficiency in nutrition education and funding for student-athletes and understood the negative implications it has on athletic performance. Determined to fill this important financial and educational gap, Brown led the effort with the help of key players Chris Walsh, Shelley McGuire, Jennie Hall, Jim Miller and Annie Roe.

The Fueling Center, located in the ASUI-Kibbie Activity Center, offers student-athletes food items that benefit their workout and recovery processes. It also provides nutritional goal-setting talks, fueling during the off-season and grocery store tours.

The Fueling Center is, “an opportunity for internships, college credits, scholarships, and cross collaboration with a lot of people on campus. It is not just for student athletes; it provides career building opportunities with hands-on experiences,” said Brown.

While Brown’s initial goal was to improve student-athlete performance, additional benefits have naturally grew from her ambitions.

In addition to filling nutrition education and funding gaps, the relationship between the College of EHHS and athletics is anticipated to strengthen.

Walsh said Brown’s efforts to provide students with these opportunities is equipping them to excel both on and off the field.

“Dr. Brown has been instrumental in the success of the U of I Athletics Fueling Center from the very beginning,” Walsh said. “Nutritional education is instrumental to the success of our student-athletes.”

Students across campus are all welcome to visit the Fueling Center for snacks, nutrition information and support.