Interdisciplinary Research Building




The University of Texas at El Paso’s Interdisciplinary Research Building (IDRB) has the campus buzzing with anticipation.

The goal of the $85 million, 156,000-square-foot building is to enhance the ability of faculty members and students from different disciplines to tackle 21st century concerns.

The complex will consist of three wings on the southeast corner of the Sun Bowl-University roundabout within sight of Interstate 10.

The first floor, which will be partially underground, will have core facilities and heavy equipment. The second floor, nicknamed “Main Street,” will handle the heaviest pedestrian traffic with a café, building visitor center, galleries to showcase research, meeting rooms and an 80-seat auditorium. The top three floors will have wet and dry labs and interdisciplinary research suites designed for maximum flexibility in size and use.

UTEP broke ground for the new building on April 7, 2017. Half of the complex will be complete and fully operational in 2020. The other half will remain openended to allow for growth.