Maximizing Your Ads Impact

For small businesses that do not frequently advertise (and sometimes even for those that do), the notion of creating a new ad for the university’s visitor guide can seem a little daunting. We’ve provided these resources to remove your anxiety. If you can’t find the answer to a specific question here, please let us know!
3 Simple Steps to Creating a Great Ad.

Always keep the target reader/viewer in mind.

 Your ad will be appearing in a college campus visitor guide so remember to consider who will be reading the guide, and thus, your ad. Your brand/business could be exposed to a wide variety of visitors to campus and around town. This will largely include visiting high school students and their parents, but will also include tourists, visiting lecturers, conference attendees, etc. Speak their language and assume they are not familiar with your business at all.

Communicate something that’s truly unique or different...

about your business that a visitor and potential returning student or parent would care about.

  • Have you served the campus community for 100 years?
  • Have you won awards?
  • Do you have the best location or view in town?
  • Do you have the freshest pasta or seafood around?
  • Is your TripAdvisor rating or Google Reviews score very impressive?

Focus, focus, focus.

Use a combination of simple visuals/photos and well-written copy to bring that uniqueness to life. Resist the temptation to include multiple messages. The more you include, the less likely the reader is to engage.

For just $249, our team is happy to develop your ad from scratch. We’ll spend a few minutes on the phone to better understand your business and your advertising objectives, then come back with two options. Two rounds of changes are included after that first round so that we can get it right! Afterwards, you own your ad - we’ll send you the files and you can use and re-use to your heart’s content.

For more details and tips, see Ad Materials Checklist.

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