Whether you’re making the jump from high school, transferring from another institution, or following the lure of one of MTSU’s nationally renowned, signature programs, you could become one of the newest Blue Raiders.

MTSU has the resources of a large public university, but it feels like a small school. Faculty members are deeply interested in student success, and it shows in the personal attention they give. MTSU attracts more transfer students than any other university in the state, and is a top choice for adult learners. Many alumni return to MTSU for graduate school.


Apply early. The sooner you submit your application, the sooner we can tell you about your admission status. Make a plan and follow through to make sure all your documents arrive on time.

Read the directions. First, read the admissions requirements in the undergraduate or graduate catalog and the instructions that are included. Second, refer to the schedule of classes for the semester you’re planning to enter. In particular, read the introductory information, which includes how to register, when to register, how and when to pay your bill, and much more.

Fill out the forms. We can’t tell you if you’re admitted or not without having your completed application, test scores, and official transcript(s). We won’t guess about your residency status if you haven’t submitted a residency application and supporting documents. MT One Stop cannot tell you how much aid you are eligible for until you provide the appropriate paperwork.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Faculty and staff are here to help you. If you’ve read the directions but still aren’t clear on how something works, call the appropriate office and ask for clarification, or phone 615-898-2300 to locate the number you need.


After you’re admitted, your MT One Stop enrollment counselor will be with you every step of the way. You’ll be reminded about deadlines and get help in navigating class scheduling. As you pursue your academic goals, MT One Stop will support you. When you need help or have questions about turning in forms for financial aid, printing transcripts, understanding your bill, processing drop/add forms to change your class schedule, or any other administrative issue, you can come to us. MT One Stop has experienced people to help you!


Dec. 1: freshmen
Feb. 15: transfers

for scholarship consideration

To apply, visit