Adapting in the COVID
age: The Henry Art Gallery

By: William Crockett
The Henry Art Gallery is open for students to explore various contemporary art exhibits.

Art has been a resilient support for all during history’s most chaotic times.

Through a global pandemic that quarantined our favorite things and socially distanced us from some of those we need most, the Henry Art Gallery has overcome the obstacles of COVID to provide us with exceptional art installations despite it all.

Having recently opened its doors once again, the Henry Art Gallery is now home to Elaine Cameron-Weir’s Star Club Redemption Booth exhibition. This existential collective is an intricate narrative about transformation and survival, from both a global and individual standpoint.

The design is meant to inspire questions in the audience concerning their relationships with one another, as well as with the way one interacts with themselves on a metaphysical and physiological level. The Star Club Redemption Booth will be available from April 3, until September 12, 2021.

The Henry Art Gallery is also hosting another exhibit called The Engine Room, by Gary Simmons, a well known artist based out of New York who works with iconic images and symbols to question modern stereotypes.

His work explores social, cultural and racial dynamics using common symbols and individual memory.

For this exhibition, Simmons created a large wall-drawing, a number of new sculptures, new paintings, and a sculptural installation. This wide range of media keeps the audience on their toes and hopes to initiate progressive conversations about the society we live in. The Engine Room can be enjoyed from April 3 until August 22, 2021.

The Henry also offers art lovers different ways to experience the contemporary art scene of Seattle through dialogues among artists and art lovers, live performances, screenings of various films and more.

Although most of our favorite restaurants, movie theatres, even stores have been locked down, the Henry Art Gallery still offers visitors a unique and thought provoking artistic experience during COVID times. Come see today’s pioneers of art write history!

If you are interested in getting involved in Seattle’s art scene,The Burke Museum of History and Culture is currently open to the public! Get your tickets at (free to UW students with student ID).