Recreation at
the UW

By Emma Aitelli

The Intramural Activities building brings all levels of student-athletes together to exercise in its variety of sport courts and training facilities.

Whether rain or shine (or virtual), Huskies have plenty of fun and safe opportunities to get active. Here is the best of UW Recreation, including insights to how programs have adapted with the pandemic:

The IMA: The Intramural Activities building (IMA) has reopened for UW students. View guidelines at The IMA is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and weekends from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Additionally, students must wear masks inside the IMA at all times and must sign a Facility Access Waiver before arriving.

There are many levels to the IMA. The first floor includes a weight room, first aid office, and IMA pool. The second floor includes a cardio room, multiple gyms, and the Crags climbing center. The third floor has the Pariseau gym basketball courts and the 4th floor consists of the track, strength training area, and cardio area.

All floors are open, certain spaces are closed or require specific reservations due to capacity constraints. Outside the IMA, the South Tennis Courts, Sand Volleyball Courts, and Field #1 are all open for reservations at However, the equipment checkout at the IMA is not available yet, so you will need to bring your own gear.

Intramurals: UW Intramurals have free programs, both virtual and in person, for all UW students. Whether it be board game tournaments, trivia, or scavenger hunt challenges, there’s something for everyone.

In a typical year, students can join both sports leagues and tournaments in basketball, bowling, innertube basketball, and more, with offerings changing from season to season. Although there have been changes due to COVID-19 restrictions, updates and information on active sports can be found on the intramurals website

Gear Garage: The UW Gear Garage Rental Center is currently open by appointment Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and has an amazing selection of outdoor equipment. Whether you’re going camping, want to go skiing for the weekend, or just want to go for a bike ride, Gear Garage has got you covered. For information on reserving appointments and which equipment is currently available, see the Gear Garage Rental Center’s website

Rec Class Pass: The Rec Class Pass is a great free way for UW students to stay healthy and active. It offers fitness classes like barre burn, cardio kick, and fight fit, as well as mindfulness classes such as flow yoga and movement break. UW students have access to a range of guided classes with both in-person and virtual options. To learn more about available classes and a virtual schedule see the Rec Class Pass

Waterfront Activities Center: One of the best parts of the UW’s location is that it’s right on Lake Washington. The Waterfront Activities Center allows students to take advantage of the lake by renting out kayaks, canoes, and rowboats in the spring through fall. Due to COVID-19, the Waterfront Activities Center provides rentals by reservation only. For more information on the Waterfront Activities Center as well as prices for rentals, see their page

UW Waterfront with Boats