What’s to come for
the UW campus

By Niv Joshi

The UW campus never fails to keep us in awe with its beauty. The new Burke Museum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Center for Computer Science and Engineering are looking ravishing with their renovated looks. But wait, there is more in the making.

Behavioral Health Teaching Facility (BHTF): Located on the University of Washington’s Medical Center Northwest Campus, the BHTF will be a one-of-a-kind healing environment for those struggling with serious physical and behavioral health problems.

Supporting a full continuum of clinical services, the building will house effective medication management and psychotherapies, state-of-the-art neuromodulation treatments, and also medical and surgical care for individuals with medical and behavioral health disorders. This new concept is part of the UW’s advocacy towards the health and well-being of Huskies; it is a new benchmark for behavioral health.

Foster School of Business expansion: The Foster building is getting a new section added. Founders Hall is going to replace Mackenzie Hall in this expansion. Founders Hall will house large common areas, along with administrative spaces as well as meeting rooms and classrooms.

Standing close to Denny Yard, this new building has a creative architectural element to it as the plans are to keep it pedestrian-friendly.

New on-campus housing: Oak Hall is the newest addition to the Housing and Food Services (HFS) buildings on North Campus, just beside Denny Field. The construction plan comprising this new inclusion also has plans of demolishing Haggett Hall, one of the older dormitory halls.

Oak Hall also brings with it North Campus’ very first District Market which is even bigger than the one on West Campus. This 360-bed housing facility is part of the phase IV HFS construction.

IMA Locker and Pools: This renovation is the first time UW’s Intramural Activities building (IMA) is getting formally renovated since its opening in 1968. To accommodate changing needs and to create an inclusive environment, the locker rooms are getting a new look.

The men’s locker room is being renovated into a gender-inclusive one, and the women’s locker room is getting different sections for both male-identifying and female-identifying Huskies.

The pool at IMA is also getting expanded by 16 swim lanes. The excitement of diving into an even bigger pool than the huge existing one will soon spread, as operations at IMA will start.

It is an invigorating time for the UW community as the students and faculty hope to walk around the third most beautiful college campus in the United States. With more buildings to explore, the campus will flourish with modernized architecture and, of course, the flowers at The Quad.

Construction on Campus