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Old Main Clock

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Old Main is the heart of the University of Arkansas campus. Completed in 1875, Old Main’s south tower was missing the clock it was originally designed to have. Nearly 130 years later, the clock was installed. It’s hard to miss outside, but you can also see the actual clock mechanism from the inside, encased behind glass on the 4th floor of Old Main. The university’s original bell, created in 1879, is also on display. The U of A, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2021, is dedicated to advancing Arkansas and building a better world. 150.uark.edu


Historical Markers

As one of the nation’s top research universities, we are proud of our past and the many outstanding achievements our students, faculty, and alumni have made since 1871. We celebrate significant research, intellectual achievements, notable leaders, outstanding alumni, historic events, sites, and campus lore with historical markers located across campus. Find out where these markers are located by clicking the historical markers icon on the U of A’s interactive campus map at campusmaps.uark.edu.

Interactive Timeline

Learn more about the university’s rich history in the “About” section at uark.edu. Or review decades of the U of A’s historic milestones with our interactive timeline: uark.edu/about/time-line.php

Games in front of Old Main